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hedonism (s) (noun), hedonisms (pl)
1. The doctrine or theory of ethics in which pleasure is regarded as the primary good, or the proper end of action: Hedonism is said to be the thesis that pleasure is the highest good; that only pleasure has value in itself.
2. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure; especially, to the pleasures of the senses: Pleasure is not the same as happiness, so hedonism is not the same as "eudaimonism", the thesis that happiness is the highest good.
3. In philosophy, the ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has enjoyable consequences is intrinsically good: Hedonism and asceticism (doctrine of self-denial) are opposing philosophies of human behavior.
4. In psychology, the doctrine that behavior is motivated by the desire for happiness and the avoidance of pain: The psychiatrist encouraged his patient to follow the precepts of hedonism by not doing anything that might cause her any discomfort but to be positive and to find joy and pleasure in life.
Looking for pleasure where it can be found.
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The theory, or belief, that pleasure should be the primary objective of human existence. (1)