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gymnosophist (s) (noun), gymnosophists (pl)
1. One of a sect of ancient Hindu philosophers of ascetic habits (known to the Greeks through the reports of the companions of Alexander), who wore little or no clothing, denied themselves meat, and gave themselves up to mystical contemplation: The Hindu philosophers, or gymnosophists, went around with naked feet and almost no clothing.

The gymnosophists lived in woods, subsisted on roots, never married, and they believed in the transmigration or movement of souls after death to other bodies or substances, usually human or animal.

—Compiled from entries located in Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable,
Edited by Ivor H. Evans; Harper & Row, Publishers; New York; 1981, pages 517 & 1132.
2. Those who participate in activities with others without wearing clothing, or garments, because they believe it is a more wholesome or a healthier way to live: In some areas of the world, there are gymnosophists who live in what are called "nudist colonies" because they believe it is a more acceptable way of living.
3. Etymology: from Greek gymnos, "naked" + sophistes, "sage, wise".
The practice of nudism.
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Being a nudist.
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Those who practice nudity as a way of life. (2)