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gregarious (adjective), more gregarious, most gregarious
1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; being sociable: As a gregarious individual, Samuel loves to be with large gatherings of people.
2. Tending to move towards, or to convene with, others of the same interests: The geese in the ravine near Rose's home are very gregarious and they often spend a lot of time eating together.
3. Relating to being fond of socializing with other people: Maya's cat is not a very gregarious creature, because it hides from her friends when they come to visit.
4. A clustering of plants in a manner that does not choke or inhibit the growth of the individual plants: The perennial flowers in the garden propagate, developing in a gregarious pattern across the backyard.
5. Animals tending to herd together: Buffalos tend to be very gregarious animals as they move together as united members of the group.
6. Etymology: "living in flocks" (such as, animals), from Latin gregarius, "pertaining to a flock; of a herd, of the common sort, common" from grex, gregis, "flock, herd"; "to gather together, to assemble"; also comparable to Greek ageirein, "to assemble"; agora, "assembly".
Fond of being with other people.
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Descriptive of an inclination to associate with others.
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Looking for and enjoying being with others; tending to form a group with those who have the same interests. (2)