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futile (adjective), more futile, most futile
1. A reference to having no practical effect or useful result: A futile effort is one which cannot succeed, is a waste of time, and gets a person nowhere.
2. Lacking serious value, substance, or a sense of responsibility: Efforts to convince some stubborn people that they should eat healthier food and lose weight is a futile attempt and will not succeed.
3. Trifling and frivolous; idle: Any futile attempt refers to any action that is ineffective, vain, useless, and incapable of producing a desired objective.

Trying to start a car with a flooded carburetor by stepping hard on the gas pedal is a futile effort because it won't work.

4. Etymology: from Middle French (about 1400 to 1600) futile, from Latin futilis, "vain, worthless, futile"; literally, "pouring out [of a vessel] easily"; therefore, "easily emptied, leaky, unreliable"; from fundere, "to pour, to melt".
Worthless and useless.
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Descriptive of being incapable of producing any desired results, useless, unsuccessful; not worth attempting. (1)