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ferret (verb), ferrets; ferreted, ferreting
1. To unearth information or objects as the result of careful and relentless investigation or searching: Rather than traveling to ferret out objects for acquisition, representatives of the museum focused on the restoration of the historical pieces that were already available there.

Marcus ferrets out the answers to computer programs and he is considered to be very good at it.

Ingrid's neighbor had two pet ferrets which he used for ferreting rabbits out of their holes in the ground on his farm.

One technique that Adam uses to ferret is by sending his small furry animal with a long tail down a rabbit hole while he holds a container to catch it as it goes out another hole in its attempt to escape.

2. Etymology: in use since about 1398, from Old French fuiret, diminutive (used to express smallness) of fuiron. "weasel, ferret"; literally, "thief"; from Late Latin furionem (related to furonem "cat", and also "robber"); probably from Latin fur, furis, "thief".

The verb (from about 1450) refers to the use of half-tame ferrets to kill rats and flush rabbits from burrows; and the extended sense of "to search out, to discover" is from about 1580.

To determine by shrewd investigating.
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To obtain information with careful and relentless investigation, questioning, or searching. (1)