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enigma (s) (noun), enigmas (pl)
1. Something which, or someone who, is ambiguous, inexplicable, or not easily understood: Jim has an enigma regarding the collection of tools that he has because he can't figure out how to use some of them.
2. A perplexing, obscure, mysterious, or unintelligible speech or behavior: Just why the governor suddenly switched political parties remains an enigma to everyone who knew him.
3. Anything that cannot be comprehended or determined: The veterinarian was finally able to solve the enigma of the dog's sudden death.

The enigma of the man's weird behavior could not be explained because no one had any idea why he was doing such silly things as hiding behind a wall.

4. Etymology: borrowed from Latin aenigma, "riddle"; from Greek aninigma, ainigmatos which came from ainissesthai, "to speak allusively or obscurely; to talk in riddles".
A riddle or anything that perplexes or baffles others.
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Something that can not be easily understood or explained; a mystery or a riddle. (1)