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empathy (EM puh thee) (s) (noun), empathies (pl)
1. An identification with and an understanding of another person's feelings, situation, or motives: Ursula's work with the street people gave her considerably more empathy for the homeless than she had ever had before.
2. Etymology: from Greek empátheia, "passion"; from em-, "in" + páthos, "feeling".

Empathy was apparently borrowed in 1904 from Greek empátheia, "passion"; ; from em-, "in" + páthos, "feeling". It was a translation of the German Einfühlung (ein; in + Fühlung, feeling), a word which was introduced in 1903 by the German philosopher and psychologist, Theodore Lipps, who originated the theory of aesthetic empathy, "the art of appreciation depends on the viewer's ability to project his personality into the object".

—Based on information from
The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology, edited by Robert K. Barnhart.
To sense and to participate in another person's feelings and thoughts.
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True empathy is when another person strikes it rich and you feel as if it’s money in YOUR pocket.

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An understanding of another person's feelings, thoughts, or situation. (1)