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diffident (adjective), more diffident, most diffident
1. Pertaining to a lack of confidence or not feeling comfortable around certain people: When Jason is called on to answer a question that Mrs. Savage, the teacher, is asking him during class, he usually has a diffident way of expressing himself even when he is certain that he is correct.
2. A reference to being very careful about acting or speaking: As Mrs. Hoover, the reporter, asked the politician, Mrs. Traviss, if she would be running for a third term, she made a diffident response because she didn't want to say anything that could be interpreted as being slanderous about her opponent.
Descriptive of someone who is lacking self-confidence.
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A shy or timid and bashful person.
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Lacking confidence in oneself or being overly timid.
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diffident, dissident, dissident
diffident (DIF i duhnt, DIF i dent") (adjective)
Hesitant, lacking in self-confidence: Ethan's diffident manner suggested he was shy rather than embarrassed.
dissident (DIS i duhnt, DIS i dent) (noun)
Someone who is opposed to official policies, etc.: The dissident in congress voted against the government’s proposed legislation.
dissident (DIS i duhnt, DIS i dent) (adjective)
Relating to having a different opinion than other individuals or groups: Hana's dissident activities suggested she was having contrary opinions about the candidate for office.

The leader of the dissident faction attending the conference displayed a surprisingly diffident attitude when speaking to the crowd.

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Characteristic of a lack of confidence or not feeling comfortable around certain people or in certain circumstances. (3)