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desultory (adjective), more desultory, most desultory
1. Characterized by aimlessly fleeting from one thing to another: Mildred was talking in a desultory sequence by jumping from one idea to anther one in an illogical way.
2. Relating to a random, disorganized, or unmethodical way of doing something: Hans, the candidate, had a desultory conference with the reporters.

People were casually strolling in the park during the pleasant day in a desultory way.

3. Marked by a lack of a definite course, regularity, or purpose; jumping from one thing to another: When John was asked what his speech would be about, he could only come up with desultory ideas.

Daniel made a desultory effort to improve his tennis skills by playing for three hours on one day and then not playing again for several days.

4. A reference to being unconcerned and without having any particular arrangement: Yvonne scolded her son for throwing his clothes around on his bed in a desultory way.
Jumping from one commitment to another, unreliable.
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Jumping into something without adequate planning.
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Pertaining to a lack of a definite plan or purpose and jumping from one thing to another or relating to being unable to make a decision and sticking with it. (2)