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despot (s) (noun), despots (pl)
1. A king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; an autocrat: Matt's uncle was a successful football coach; however, a lot of people considered him to be a despot, because he was always dictating what the players had to do during the games.
2. Any tyrant or oppressor: There are some despots, even in these modern times, who are ruling their people in cruel and inhumane ways.
3. Etymology: from Greek: despotes, "a master, a lord"; from Latin domus "house, home" + potis, "master, husband".

Originally, a title meaning "master", applied to certain classes of rulers, an honorary title applied to a Byzantine emperor, afterward to members of his family, and later to Byzantine vassal rulers and governors; then to bishops or patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church, etc. Now, it refers to anyone who is in charge and acts like a tyrant or a ruler who exercises his or her power in a harsh or oppressive way.

An absolute ruler, now a tyrant.
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Anyone who has absolute or unlimited power and authority over others; such as, in families, governments, organizations, etc. (1)