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deprecate (DEP ri kayt") (verb), deprecates; deprecated; deprecating
1. To protest, to express strong disapproval of, or to make a condemnation of something or somebody: The city spokesman deprecates the use of violence as done by some demonstrators.

The townspeople deprecated the new exhibit at the art museum because it was so negative about religions.

2. To belittle, to deplore: Everett, you should not deprecate your own worth to the community because you have done so much to help homeless people.

There are many who deprecate the use of public money for what they consider to be nonessential purposes.

3. Etymology: from Latin de-, "away" + precari "to pray, to request" from which we also get pray and prayer. Originally, it meant "to pray for deliverance from something unfavorable".

To express strong disapproval of someone or something.
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deprecate (DEP ri kayt")
A clarification by cate that there are those who are ready to deplore or to condemn something or somebody for doing the wrong thing.
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To express strong disapproval of, to make a condemnation of something or somebody; or to belittle, to deplore someone's actions. (1)