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dement (verb), dements; demented; dementing
1. Going out of one's mind: Legally, to dement is a form of mental disorder in which cognitive and intellectual functions of the brain are being prominently affected.

Impairment of memory is an early sign of dementing; total recovery is thought to be impossible since organic cerebral disease is involved.

When dementing is going on, it is also existing as "adolescent insanity" or "schizophrenia".

2. Etymology: from Latin dement, literally, "losing one's mind".
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demented (adjective), more demented, most demented
1. Characteristic of being mentally ill or insane: Trina's demented talking and ramblings were symptoms of her illness.
2. Pertaining to not being mentally well and not able to comprehend what is real or not able to think clearly: There were several of the elderly demented people in the nursing home who could not even recognize members of their own families when they came to visit.
A demented man is shooting ducks in the sky with his finger.
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A man and woman are dressed in abnormal clothing as if they were insane or going to a masquerade party.
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This entry is located in the following units: de- (page 25) menti-, ment- (page 1)
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A reference to being mentally disabled, ill, or insane. (2)