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delusion (di LOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), delusions (pl)
1. A false idea, belief, or opinion that is contrary to fact or reality, resulting from deception or a misconception: Harry labored under the delusion that he would be successful as a salesman.
2. A mental disorder; a false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence; especially, as a mental disorder: Mack had delusions of persecution by all women.

Kerri had delusions of grandeur as an actress.

Sam had the delusion that he was a muscular man as he lifted the weights at the fitness studio.

Zachary had a delusion that all women hated him.

Tanya had the delusion of being extraordinarily beautiful.

3. Something falsely disseminated or believed: Technically, a delusion is a belief that, though false, has been surrendered to and accepted by the whole mind as the truth.

The investigators were under the delusion that the safety for the workers was a reality; however, since it was based on a report circulated to the supervisors, it became apparent that they were dishonest and it was made in order to avoid any responsibilities for anything that was really going on.

The act of deceiving oneself with a false idea.
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A fixed mental misconception or false belief.
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A false belief, opinion, or impression of grandeur.
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(Latin: cheat, swindle; to defraud with deceptions or delusions)
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A mental disorder; a false belief strongly held in spite of invalid evidence or of being unrealistic. (3)