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condescend (verb), condescends; condescended; condescending
1. To behave toward other people as though they were socially or intellectually inferior: The movie director condescended to take advice from the stagehand.
2. To do something regarded as unimportant or demeaning in order to impress or appear to be generous toward others: The famous author always tried to treat her readers as equals and avoided the appearance of condescending to them.
3. To stoop or to lower oneself to the level of someone who is considered inferior: The actress condescended to allow the reporter to interview her about the award she received.
4. To deal with people in a patronizingly superior manner: The customer was condescending to the saleswoman who was trying very hard to be polite and to provide the best service possible.
5. To hesitate to do something: Michael refused to condescend in misrepresenting the facts because he knew they were accurate.
6. To put aside one's dignity or superiority voluntarily and assuming equality with someone who is regarded as inferior: The teacher was obviously condescending to the student's intellectual level in order to be understood.
To waive the privilege of rank or dignity.
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To give in to someone in a haughty manner.
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A prisoner escaping down the wall of a prison using a rope.
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To do something that is regarded as unimportant in order to impress or to appear to be generous toward another person or people who are regarded as being inferior. (2)