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compunction (s) (noun), compunctions (pl)
1. A strong feeling of uneasiness or anxiety of the conscience caused by regret or guilt for doing something wrong or causing emotional pain and suffering: Jack had a feeling of compunction when he couldn't celebrate his mother's 90th birthday with her because he had to work late in order to complete a project that he was working on.
2. Any uneasiness or hesitation about an action being proper: Wouldn't anyone have compunctions about meeting the Queen and not knowing what to wear or what to say on such an occasion?
3. A sting of conscience or a pang of doubt aroused by doing something wrong: Rodney was filled with compunction after he lied to his parents when he told them that he had done his homework for school; however, he actually spent his time reading comic magazines instead.

Compunction is a strong, sudden, and unpleasant regret or emotion of guilt.

Strong feeling of guilt or regret doing something wrong.
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Self reproach for wrong doing.
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Not feeling guilty for doing an illegal act.
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A strong feeling of anxiety of the conscience caused by a regret or guilt for doing something wrong. (3)