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commiserate (kuh MIZ uh rayt") (verb), commiserates; commiserated; commiserating
1. To feel compassion for; to express sorrow, sadness, or pity for anyone who has experienced something unpleasant; to lament or to express grief about: Janine commiserated with Vance regarding the terrible injuries that he had suffered in the car accident.

Friends called Devon to commiserate with him when they heard that he had to have a triple by-pass operation.

2. Etymology: from Latin com, "with" + miseror, "pity".
To feel or to express distress and sadness for someone.
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To show sorrow or pity for another person or to condole.
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To indicate a feeling of sympathy for people.
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Expressing or showing sadness, sincere feelings, or sympathy for another person who has experienced something unpleasant or very disturbing. (3)