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aspersion (uh SPUHR zhuhn) (s) (noun), aspersions (pl)
1. A statement that attacks someone's character or reputation: Shirley cast aspersions on Bill's integrity and honesty as a reporter.
2. The act of making slanderous, damaging, or defamatory remarks: Laura said that such vehement aspersions about the store's products couldn't be ignored.

The politician tried to talk about his political opponents respectfully and not to cast any aspersions about them.
3. Sometimes the act of sprinkling holy water by a minister as in baptism: Mack's little baby received aspersions by the priest.
4. Etymology: from late Middle English signifying the sprinkling of water; especially, at baptism; from Latin aspers, "sprinkled"; from the verb aspergere; from ad-, "to" + spargere, "sprinkle".

A harmful accusation.
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A slanderous remark.
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Something that is said which attacks another person's character or reputation; remarks that are slanderous, damaging, or defamatory. (2)