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arrant (adjective), arranter, arrantest
1. A reference to something that is the worst kind or extremely wrong: Hugo said that the accusation that he was quitting his job was arrant stupidity.

When Jim forgot to wish his sister "all the best" on her birthday, she felt he had shown an arrant rudeness.

2. Etymology: the term arrant was originally a different form of errant, and it had the meaning of "wandering", as in the phrases knights errant and errant thieves which referred to both types being "on the move".

Then errant was applied to knightly wanderers, and the spelling arrant was applied to "knavish drifters" referring to "outright, confirmed, manifest", and being "notoriously bad" or "unacceptable".

A reference to notoriously bad or the worst kind.
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Descriptive of an inferior sense.
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Relating to beng the worst kind, extreme evil; notoriously bad. (1)