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(Latin: brisk, active, vigorous, energetic; great effort, requiring much energy, arduous)
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arduous (adjective), more arduous, most arduous
1. A reference to something that demands great effort or work; very difficult: There is a great deal of arduous work involved in compiling understandable definitions and applicable sentences for the word entries in this lexicon.
2. Severely testing the endurance of some activity: Wars are always too long and arduous for both soldiers and civilian populations in warring countries.

It has become a very arduous task for people to endure the tornadoes that have been going through some areas of the country.

3. Etymology: "hard to accomplish, difficult to do", from Latin arduus, "high, steep".
Man must walk up 95 floors because of elevator break down.  
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Frustrated golfer is critical of the course.  
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Man has ladder to climb to the top of the company.
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Steep and lofty or very high; very difficult; a lot of hard work. (3)