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apopemptic (ap uh PEMP tik) (adjective), more apopemptic, most apopemptic
1. A description of anything that is addressed to someone or to those who are leaving; whether spoken or sung; a farewell message: Bruce sang his apopemptic song to his guests before they all started to go home from his birthday party.
2. Etymology: from Greek apopemptikos, "sending away"; from the prefix apo-, "away" + pempein, "to send".

Now the practical automatic apopemptic message is, "Have a nice day!"
Someone might respond with: "I will, if I can find one."

—Based on information that is located in
1000 Most Challenging Words by Norman W. Schur;
Facts On File Publications; New York; 1987; page 36.
Sung or addressed to those who are departing.
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A farewell message that is spoken to or sung to those who are leaving or departing. (1)