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Amazon, amazon (s) (noun); Amazons, amazons (pl)
1. A woman or girl soldier; hence, a large, strong masculine-type of female warrior: In full uniform, Mable resembles an Amazon because she is mannish, physically powerful, and seems inclined to be ready to fight anyone who gives her any trouble.
2. Etymology: derived from Greek mythology, a female warrior "without a breast" because of the story that the Amazon women, warriors of Scythia, Greece, were said to cut off (or burn off) one breast to make it easier to use a bow when shooting arrows during a battle.

The Greek fable illustrates the word Amazon that comes from a-, "without" and mazos, "breast".

See this fictional and humorous origin of Amazon on the internet by going to this page.

Usually a tall, strong, and aggressive woman; or originally, a  Greek warrior.
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A large, strong, masculine-type of female warrior; an aggressive woman. (1)