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aggregate (s) (ag gruh GIT) (noun), aggregates (ag gruh GITS) (pl)
1. Collected together from different sources and considered as complete: The aggregate of talented musicians resulted in a very entertaining evening on TV.
2. Etymology: from Latin aggregat-, "herded together"; from the verb aggregare, "to group together"; from ad, "toward" + grex, "flock".
A sum or a total quantity.
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aggregate (ag ri GAYTE) (verb), aggregates; aggregated; aggregating
1. To join or to combine into a single group: This lexicon aggregates words into family units for a greater comprehension of vocabulary.
2. To equal a particular amount or number: All together, more than 3,600 units consisting of almost 80,000 word entries have been aggregated into this web site.
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fiscal aggregate (s) (noun), fiscal aggregates (pl)
The total revenues, and total expenditures, of a government.
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aggregate (s) (noun), aggregates (pl)
A mixture of several materials; for example, aggregates of gravel, natural sand, and crushed stone are used for making concrete.
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The entire quantity or total collection of different elements all together. (1)