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affluence (AF loo wuhns; af LOO wuhns) (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A plentiful supply of material goods: Many foreigners have been amazed by the affluence and luxury of Americans.
2. An abundance of riches, wealth, or opulence: By choosing the right business, the family progressed from poverty to affluence within a few years.
Abundance of riches, wealth, or opulence.
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An abundance of wealth, riches, or opulence.
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3. An abundant supply, as of thoughts or words; profusion: William had an affluence of ideas for the new project.
4. A flowing to or toward a point: The patient had an abnormal affluence of blood to the head.
5. Etymology: affluent and affluence are derived from Latin affluere, "to flow freely and in abundance".

By the way, have you ever heard of anyone who suffered from affluenza?

Affluence is the wealth more often attained by a will of your own than by the will of a relative.

—Evan Esar

Some people get their affluence through influence.

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affluence, affluents, effluence, effluents, influence
affluence (AF loo wuhns; af LOO wuhns) (noun)
An abundance of riches, wealth, or opulence: The ideal economy has enough affluence to benefit everyone.
affluents (AF loo wuhns; af LOO wuhns) (noun)
Applies to people who have large incomes, usually incomes spent freely: The residents of the gated community, including Pete and Helen Box, were obviously affluents who were members of the international jet set.
effluence (EF loo uhns) (noun)
1. The act or process of flowing out: The effluence of enthusiasm of the Labor Day crowd could not be repressed.
2. Something that flows out or forth; the emitting or sending out: The odor of the gas leak became an effluence that made several people ill.
effluents (EF loo uhns) (noun)
Sewage liquids, or industrial chemicals, that are released as waste: The fish processing factory has been accused of discharging effluents into the river.
influence (IN floo wuhns) (noun)
1. The power of a person or a thing to affect others, seen only in its effect: Special-interest groups have too much influence on the government.
2. The ability to produce effects indirectly by means of power based on wealth, high position, etc.: The office gossip was that Ophelia, who was his secretary, had a strong urge to marry Jim Pendleton, the CEO, not for love, but because of his affluence (wealth) and influence in politics

The influence of the affluents didn't matter when the city was trying to solve the problem of the effluence of the effluents into the sewer system.

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Substantial wealth and economic influence or power.
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affluence (no plural)
An abundance of riches or great wealth. (2)