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abscond (verb), absconds; absconded; absconding
1. To go away hastily and secretly; to run away and hide; especially, in order to escape from the law: Last night several prisoners absconded from the prison camp and disappeared into the dense fog.

The goldsmith was absconding with all the gold that belonged to the customers; however, he was finally caught with a bag of stolen rings and necklaces.

Yesterday afternoon, a thief was seen absconding with the neighbor's money and jewels.

2. Etymology: from Middle French abscondre and directly from Latin abscondere, "to hide, to conceal, to put out of sight"; from ab(s)-, "away" + condere, "to put together, to store", from com-, "together" + dere, "to put".
To flee in haste and without telling anyone in advance.
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To depart or to leave secretly or suddenly.
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To secretly and suddenly go away or disappear.
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To leave in a sudden and secret way; especially to avoid detection or capture by the police or other law officials. (3)