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abscond (verb), absconds; absconded; absconding
1. To go away hastily and secretly; to run away and hide; especially, in order to escape from the law: Last night several prisoners absconded from the prison camp and disappeared into the dense fog.

The goldsmith was absconding with all the gold that belonged to the customers, however he was finally caught with a bag of stolen rings and necklaces.

Yesterday afternoon, a thief absconded with the neighbor's money and jewels.

2. Etymology: from Middle French abscondre and directly from Latin abscondere, "to hide, to conceal, to put out of sight"; from ab(s)-, "away" + condere, "to put together, to store", from com-, "together" + dere, "to put".
To flee in haste and without telling anyone in advance.
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To depart or to leave secretly or suddenly.
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To secretly and suddenly go away or disappear.
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To leave in a sudden and secret way; especially to avoid detection or capture by the police or other law officials. (3)