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yarn, yarn, yearn
yarn (YAHRN) (noun)
A long, thin piece of cotton, wool, etc., that is thicker than thread and which is used for knitting and weaving: "Joann, you need a few more skeins of yarn to knit that sweater you want."
yarn (YAHRN) (noun)
An exciting or interesting story; especially, a story that is so surprising or unusual that it is difficult to believe: "Sailors love to spin one yarn after the other when they are on their voyages to the sea."
yearn (YURN) (verb)
To feel a strong desire or wish for something or to do something: "Calvin is sure that he will just yearn more than ever for Grandma's apple pie after he spends a year abroad."

I yearn to tell you the yarn about the truck driver who was knitting a sweater using multi-colored yarn while he was driving.

Here's the story: To pass the time while he was driving, a long distance truck driver was speeding along the highway knitting a sweater. He apparently was controlling the steering wheel with his knees and not really paying attention to his driving.

A police officer who observed such driving behavior, drove along the side shouting on his speaker, "Pull over! Pull over!"

The truck driver leaned out the window and yelled, "No officer, it's not a pull over, it's a cardigan."