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(Latin: year, yearly)
(Latin: year, years)
(Hebrew, jobel, literally, "ram"; from the ram's horn with which the year of celebration was proclaimed; from Latin jubilaeus (annus), "year of jubilee".)
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cosmic year (s) (noun), cosmic years (pl)
A period of approximately 220 million years, the time it takes for the sun to make one orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
English months of the year

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cosmic year
The time it takes the sun to travel around the center of the galaxy, roughly 22.5 million years.
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light-year, light-years; light year, light years
The distance traveled by a beam of light in a vacuum in one year, approximately 9.46 trillion (million million) kilometers or 5.99 trillion miles.

An an average speed of 186,291 miles or 299,792 kilometers, per second; which equals approximately 5.88 trillion miles or 9.4607 trillion kilometers, or 63,246 astronomical units.

The light-year is also divided into light-minutes and light-seconds; for example, the moon is 1.3 light-seconds from the earth; the sun is 8.3 light-minutes away from the earth.

Although a light-year is a measurement of distance and not time, it does imply time; such as, the light from a star that is ten light-years from the earth takes ten years to reach the earth; so, an observer on earth is seeing the star as it appeared ten years ago.

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