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yak, yak
yak (YAK) (noun)
A large wild or domesticated animal that has long hair and curved horns and which lives in central Asia: "Very few words have come into English from the Tibetan language, but yak (Tibetan name for the bovine Bos grunniens) is one of them and while the word in Tibetan, gyag, applies only to the male, the English version of yak refers to the male and/or the female."
yak (YAK) (verb)
To talk in a loud way often for a long time: "Sometimes when people get together for cake and coffee in the afternoon they just love to yak."

"We noticed that many of the people on the subway train would yak and yammer away on their cell phones for a long time."

Derrick and his family stood on the hillside to yak while they watched a herd of yak cross the plains below where they were standing.