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1. An older term for pica or an appetite for and the eating of matter which is not fit as food for humans; such as, sand, clay, or paint.
2. An eating disorder manifested by a craving to ingest any material not fit for food, including starch, clay, ashes, toy balloons, crayons, cotton, grass, cigarette butts, soap, twigs, wood, paper, metal, or plaster.
  • This condition is seen in pregnancy, chlorosis, hysteria, helminthiasis, and certain psychotic situations.
  • It may also be associated with iron-deficiency anemia.
  • The importance of this condition, the etiology (cause) of which is unknown, stems from the toxicity of ingested material (e.g., paint that contains lead) or from ingesting materials in place of essential nutrients.
  • The inclusion of compulsive ingestion of nonfood and food items; such as, licorice, croutons, chewing gum, coffee grounds, or oyster shells as examples of pica is controversial.