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rye (RIGH) (noun)
1. A type of grass that is grown as a grain and used to make flour or whiskey: The farmer sold his rye to the distillery for a good price.
2. An alcoholic drink distilled from the grains of a plant: Royce went to the bar and ordered rye and soda, which was his favorite drink.
3. Bread that is made from the flour of specific grains: Dorene ordered a ham sandwich on bread made from rye for her afternoon snack.
wry (RIGH) (adjective)
1. Marked by an expression of grim humor or irony: Andria's wry expression made James laugh because her books were noted for their wry humor.
2. Referring to a person's expression which shows both amusement and a feeling of being tired, annoyed, etc.: When Brenna was asked how she felt after winning the marathon, she gave the reporter a wry smile and said, "Tired!".

Grover's very wry sense of humor was enhanced after he had had a glass or two of rye.

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wry (adjective), wrier or wryer, more wry; wriest or wryest, most wry
1. Referring to a twisted expression of disgust, disappointment, or annoyance: Wry humor and wit both describe a sense of humor that is a little twisted from what is normal.

A wry expression or wry humor shows that someone feels a situation is bad, but that he or she may also think it is slightly amusing.

2. Etymology: from Old English wrigian, "to go, to turn, to twist, to bend."
Twisted into an expression of disgust or disappointment.
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