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rung, rung, wrung
rung (RUHNG) (verb)
1. To have caused a sonorous or reverberating sound: Those bells have rung on New Year's Eve every year for 100 years.
2. To have caused a sound by striking a surface: After Harlely had rung the doorbell, he waited for the butler to admit him into the spacious hall.
rung (RUHNG) (noun)
1. A piece of wood or metal that is placed between the legs of a chair for support: Tiara had to get the stool repaired after the rung was broken when her brother stood on it so he could reach the upper bookshelf.
2. A position or level within a group, organization, etc. which is higher than others: Pierre was on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder before he rose to the highest rung on the pay scale.
wrung (RUHNG) (verb)
1. To have squeezed an item so as to remove as much liquid from it as possible: Grace asked, "Bryce, have you wrung out the dishcloth and hung it up to dry?"
2. To have twisted one's hands as an expression of worry or anxiety: Roxana wrung her hands in despair because the call she expected didn't take place.
3. To have created a sense of tragedy and grief: The play was so powerful, Pricilla's heart was wrung with sorrow for the lead actor by the end of the first act.

Aretha wrung her hands with worry when she realized that she had accidentally broken the rung on the antique chair on which she had been sitting.

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wring (verb), wrings; wrung; wringing
1. To twist and to compress something (wet cloth,hair, etc.) in order to force liquid out of it: Catherine's mother asked her to wring the towel out and hang it on the line to dry.
2. To extract something from a person with great difficulty: The lawyer was finally able to wring an answer out of the witness during the trial.
3. To cause a person emotional pain and distress: It was wringing Shirley's heart to see the destruction of the grove of trees that she loved as a child.
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