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fraught, wrought
fraught (FRAWT) (adjective)
Descriptive of someone having a lot of emotional stress or worry, anxious: Elizabeth was fraught with fear not knowing where to find her lost daughter.
wrought (RAWT) (adjective)
Pertaining to an object which is carefully formed or worked into shape: The wrought wood forming the legs of the table were absolutely beautiful.

When the blacksmith was creating the elaborate gate of wrought iron, he was fraught with anxiety because he wasn't sure that the customer would be pleased with the results.

rot, rot, wrought, wrought
rot (RAHT) (verb)
1. To become morally corrupt or degenerated: On the basis of his observed lifestyle, Otto was afraid his cousin would rot and die an early death.
2. To decay or to decompose: Mirna put the vegetable trimmings on the compost pile to rot so she would have rich soil for the garden in the spring.
rot (RAHT) (noun)
A plant disease characterized by the breakdown of tissue, caused by bacteria or fungi: Jayme had to use a special spray to get rid of the rot on her favorite rosebush.
wrought (RAWT) (verb)
To fashion or to form in an artistic manner: The blacksmith wrought an elegant iron gate for Emil's garden.
wrought (RAWT) (adjective)
Descriptive of a person who is excited or deeply affected: Raymond was wrought with sorrow when he read about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

When the newspaper wrote about the political rot that was happening at city hall, Annemarie was wrought with anxiety because her brother was working there.

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wrought (adjective), more wrought, most wrought
1. A reference to that which has been crafted, formed, or worked into shape: The author was credited with having published carefully wrought essays.
2. Relating to efforts to accomplish an objective with serious planning or procedures: Despite all of the arrangements for traveling to Canada during the summer, Jason's carefully wrought plans had to be cancelled because he lost his job and could no longer afford the costs of the trip.
3. Descriptive of something that has been shaped by hammering with tools; primarily, metals or metal work: While Mona was traveling in Europe, she purchased a delicately hand-made wrought silver tray.

Ted was a craftsman who made some finely wrought woodwork for an art exhibition.

4. Etymology: from Middle English, werken, "work"; an archaic past tense and past participle of the verb "to work"; thus, wrought iron is iron that has been worked, forged, or welded into various shapes or forms.
Something that is accomplished by work; such as being shaped by hammering with tools; made delicately or elaborately.
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A reference to that which has been crafted, formed, or worked into shape; pertaining to the accomplishment of an objective with careful planning or procedures. (1)