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(Greek: bad, harsh, wrong, evil; incorrect; unpleasant; poor; used most of the time as a prefix)
(Greek: bad, harsh, wrong; ill; hard to do, difficult at; slow of; disordered; impaired, defective)
(Latin: bad, badly, harsh, wrong; ill; evil; abnormal, defective; used primarily as a prefix)
(Anglo-Saxon: bad, harsh, wrong; always a prefix)
(Greek: by the side of, beside, past, beyond; contrary, wrong, irregular, abnormal)
(Latin: blame; responsible for wrong or error)
(Latin: to strike down, to hit; to challenge; to prove wrong, to refuse, to reject)
(Greek: something that is wrong; sin, evil behavior; wickedness in living; misconduct; that part of theology that deals with sin or immoral deeds)
(Latin: talis, "such like" or "such"; talio, "punishment equal in severity to the wrong that occasioned it" or "exaction of payment or payment in kind")
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If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.
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