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right, right, rite, wright, write
right (RIGHT) (adjective)
1. Correct, genuine, acting in accordance with facts or truth: The laboratory tests proved that the scientists' theories were right, not wrong!

Camille gave Alisha the right, or accurate, directions to the local store.

Earl did the right and proper thing when he told the woman that she dropped her billfold out of her purse while she was walking in the store.

2. Situated on the side of the body that is opposite to left side: Daniel raised his right hand to take the oath of allegiance.
right (RIGHT) (noun)
1. The quality of character that suggest an ideal: Knowing the truth is Josie's right.
2. Property ownership, often used in the plural: Karin owned the mineral right, or mineral rights, in the remote mountain region.

Antonio bought the right to use the film of the new novel based on the reputation of the author.
3. Often capitalized, to designate a political party or individual who is politically conservative: Members of the Right have voiced their opinions on this economic proposal.

rite (RIGHT) (noun)
1. A defined manner or pattern of words and actions for a ceremony: Nikki knew the rite for the opening prayers of the meeting.
2. The prescribed or customary form for conducting a religious or other solemn ceremony: Incense is often burned in this religious rite.

The opening rite for the summer solstice was very elaborate.

wright (RIGHT) (noun)
Someone who constructs or repairs something and is often used in combination with the type of vocation involved, as in shipwright: The famous playwright is going to work with the theater's production of her new play.
write (RIGHT) (verb)
1. To inscribe words or figures on a surface: Ronda was asked to write the chemistry formula on the chalkboard.
2. To form letters, words, or symbols on a surface like paper with an instrument; such as, a pen, a pencil, a typewriter, etc.: Stanley's daily rite was to write in his journal and so it was easy for him to compose a blog with his computer, too.

Marla intends to write a symphony before she is 20 years old.

The author was determined to write his autobiography when he retired.

Vincent tried to write about the playwright who wanted to depict the correct wedding ceremony or the right rite.

A minister of a church was asked if he and his congregation kneel to pray in his church. He responded with, "No, we stand up for our rites."

It was her rite (formal custom) to write so much, but was it right for her to expect her readers to read everything?

Bigamy is the only crime on the books where two rites make a wrong.

—E. C. McKenzie
The transfer of data to a tag.
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write, writing
1. To trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on the surface of some material, as with a pen, pencil, or other instrument or means; to inscribe informaton.
2. To express or to communicate in writing; to give a written account of something.
3. To execute or produce by setting down words, figures, etc.
5. To compose and produce in words or characters duly set down; such as, to write a letter to a friend.
6. To produce as an author or composer; as, to write a sonnet; to write a symphony.
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(Greek: write, writing, something written, a written record, a recording; letters; words; later, a small weight, a unit of mass in the metric system)
(Latin: write down, perceive, catch sight of; to see, to look for)
(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)
(Greek: papyros > Latin > Old French; papyrus, an Egyptian rush [a reed plant] from which material was made for writing or drawing. Used in the sense of "fibrous material on which to write or to draw"; paper)
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read-write tag
1. An RFID tag that can store new information on its microchip.

These tags are often used on reusable containers and other assets.

When the contents of the container are changed, new information is written to the tag. Read-write tags are more expensive than read-only tags.

2. A tag that is reprogrammable.

Information can be added or changed.

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write rate
1. The rate at which information is transferred to a tag, written into the tag's memory and verified as being correct.
2. The rate at which information is transferred to a tag.
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write-once and read-many tag, WORM
A tag that can be part or totally programmed once by the user and afterward only read others.
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The results of a diagnostic test given to premedical students who were instructed to write short meanings for a list of medical terms

artery, the study of paintings.

bacteria, the back door of a cafeteria.

barium, what doctors do when patients die.

bowel, a letter like a, e, i, o, or u.

caesarean section, a neighborhood in Rome.

cat scan, searching for a lost cat.

cauterize, making eye-contact with a girl.

coma, a punctuation mark.

dilate, to live a long time.

enema, not a friend .

euthanasia, Chinese, Japanese, etc. adolescents.

fester, quicker.

fibula, a small lie.

genital, not a Jew.

hangnail, a coat hook.

impotent, distinguished, well known.

labor pain, getting hurt at work.

malfeasance, exorbitant charges for professional services.

medical staff, a doctor’s cane.

morbid, a higher offer.

nitrates, cheaper than day rates.

node, was aware of, knew.


1. The art of writing using a pen or pencil stuck up one’s nose.

2. The writing done by a nasograph.

outpatient, someone who has fainted.

pap smear, a fatherhood test.

pelvis, a cousin of Elvis.

prophylactic, a person who favors birth control.

recovery room, place to do upholstery.

rectum, dang near killed ‘em.

secretion, hiding something.

seizure, famous Roman leader.

tablet, a small table.

terminal illness, getting sick at the airport.

tumor, more than one.

urine, opposite of “you’re out”.

vein, conceited.

—Source is unknown
Write a number out that contains the letter a
The first numerical word that consists of the letter a is "one thousand"; believe it, or not.
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