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ring, ring, wring
ring (RING) (noun)
1. A clear resonating sound made by striking an object, such as metal or glass: The church bells have a wonderful ring to them on a winter’s night.

Jane mentioned, "If you tap the crystal goblet carefully, you can hear it ring."

2. A circular band often worn on a person's finger; or a circular band used to hold items: Stacy inherited a beautiful ring from her aunt and she wears it every day.

Aurora's friend gave her a key ring so she wouldn't lose her keys so often.

3. A square space often used for sporting events: The boxers met in the ring for the boxing competition.
ring (RING) (verb)
1. To place a telephone call: Shelby's assistant said, "Shelby, Tony said he will ring you in the morning to confirm your luncheon date."
2. To encircle: The low mountains ring the green valley.
wring (RING) (verb)
1. To twist one's palms and fingers as an expression of anxiety: Travis always knew that his mother was worried when he saw her wring her hands.
2. To squeeze or to twist something in order to remove moisture: Janet said, "Dottie, be sure to wring out the dishcloth before hanging it up."
3. To get something out of someone or out of an item or object with a lot of effort: The executive officer tried to wring every last dollar of profit out of the failing company.

Marla will wring out Chad's polishing cloth, and then he will polish the bell so that it will ring loudly and clearly and then he will ring her up when he is done.

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wring (verb), wrings; wrung; wringing
1. To twist and to compress something (wet cloth,hair, etc.) in order to force liquid out of it: Catherine's mother asked her to wring the towel out and hang it on the line to dry.
2. To extract something from a person with great difficulty: The lawyer was finally able to wring an answer out of the witness during the trial.
3. To cause a person emotional pain and distress: It was wringing Shirley's heart to see the destruction of the grove of trees that she loved as a child.
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