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rest, wrest
rest (REST) (noun)
1. Cessation of work, exertion, or activity: The workers had a rest in the shade during their lunch.

Mildted went to her room for a rest after having a difficult day.

2. The part that is leftover after something has been removed; the remainder: The beginning of the film was boring, but the rest of it was interesting.
rest (REST) (verb)
1. To lie in a grave after death: Trudy's grandmother was laid to rest next to her grandfather.
2. To relax, to take it easy, to be calm: Janine wants to rest and listen to music after a hectic day at work.
wrest (REST) (verb)
1. To obtain by or as if by pulling with violent twisting movements: Cherie was able to wrest her purse back from the guy who was trying to take it from her.
2. To take something from someone, or others, with much effort: Earl was trying to wrest control of the company again from the guys who had taken it over.

James needed a rest because he was very tired after having tried to wrest a favorable decision from the judge regarding the case in court this morning.