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wrench, wrench
wrench (RENCH), wrenches, wrenching, wrenched (verbs)
1. To twist and to pull with a sudden violent movement: "The wrestler tried to wrench free from his opponent's grip."

Phyllis admitted that she has trouble wrenching herself away from a good book."

2. To injure a part of one's body by making a violent twisting motion: "Eddie wrenched his back when he tried to lift a heavy box while his son, Leo, at the same time, was wrenching his knee while playing football."
3. To take something in a forceful way: "Carmen's little brother wrenched the toy away from Kim when she refused to let him have it back."
wrench (RENCH), wrenches (nouns)
1. A tool that consists of a handle with one end designed to hold, twist, or to turn an object; such as a bolt or a nut: "The mechanic used a wrench to remove the nuts on each wheel in order to attach new tire rims."
2. A violent twisting or pulling movement: "Mario snapped the tree's thick root with a wrench of the shovel."

Mike, the auto mechanic, wrenched his wrist when the wrench which he was using could not loosen the tight nut on the motor.

Calvin was trying to wrench the bolts off the wheel rim while he was changing the flat tire when he realized that he had the wrong size wrench.

Once he had the right wrench, with one strong wrenching motion, the bolts came loose and the job was done in a few minutes.

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adjustable wrench; British, an adjustable spanner (noun); adjustable wrenches; British, adjustable spanners (pl)
1. A Crescent ® wrench or a pipe wrench.
2. A tool that has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw which is controlled by a spiral gear or slide.

It is used to install or to remove bolts and nuts of various sizes.

The wrench itself comes in a variety of lengths and jaw sizes.

A crescent wrench has smooth jaws while a pipe wrench has serrated jaws.

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brake-adjusting wrench (s) (noun), brake-adjusting wrenches (pl)
A tool used to adjust or to modify the brake shoes of a vehicle.
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