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rapper, wrapper
rapper (RAP uhr) (noun)
1. An individual who taps or hits against something: Sam was wondering who the rapper could be who was knocking on the window.
2. An individual who performs African-American music in which the lyrics are chanted to the accompaniment of music: As Leo was walking through the park, he stopped to listen to the rapper who was sitting on a bench and performing.
3. A door knocker attached to the door by a hinge: Ivan thought the ornamental rapper on the door looked just like his uncle.
wrapper (RAP uhr) (noun)
1. A papercover of a book that is not attached to the book itself: The colorful wrapper on Josie's new publication of her favorite novel enticed her to read it right away.
2. An article of clothing that is worn closely around the body: Camille wore a colorful wrapper in the morning when she ate her breakfast before she dressed for the day.
3. An individual whose responsibility it is to enfold an object in a protective covering: For David's holidays, he worked as a wrapper in the gift department of the department store.

The wrapper at the gift shop was very proud of the fact that his former classmate was now a famous musical rapper and entertainer.

(Latin: womb, matrix; literally, "a covering, a wrapper")