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rapped, rapt, wrapped
rapped (RAPT) (verb)
To have caused a short, sharp blow or hit: The highway man rapped on the window with his crop to get the attention of the beautiful girl who was waiting for him.
rapt (RAPT) (adjective)
Referring to someone who is completely or wholly absorbed as in thought, or carried away with emotion: Adele listened to the singer with rapt attention, scarcely breathing.

Ron felt rapt and tearful when he listened to the dirge being played on bag pipes.

wrapped (RAPT) (verb)
1. To have put on clothing, typically to be warm: Trisha wrapped herself in a voluminous cloak in order to protect herself from the strong wind.
2. To have packaged something carefully: The large painting was wrapped in several layers of canvas to protect it during transit.
3. To have complete control over someone: Patrice has Brian wrapped around her little finger; that is, she controls him completely and he always does what she wants him to do.

When Lottie started to work on repairing the bookshelf, her first thought was that she had better pay rapt attention to what she was doing or she could have rapped her thumb with the hammer and then she would need to have it wrapped with a bandage.