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rack, wrack, wrack
rack (RAK) (noun)
1. High clouds that are blown about by the wind: Sean could see the rack of huge masses of water particles moving across the sky.
2. An instrument or tool designed for torture so as to cause extreme pain: The museum had an example of a rack that was used for torture during the Middle Ages.
3. The manger for holding food for livestock: The rack was filled with fresh hay for the cattle.
4. A net or framework to be placed in a river to catch fish or floating matter: The forester installed the rack in the polluted stream in hopes of gathering up the flotsam that was floating in it.
5. Deciduous horns, typically in sets of two, from such animals as moose: There was a fine rack of antlers displayed in the museum of wildlife from the park.
wrack (RAK) (noun)
1. Violent destruction of something: The storm is so violent that Alisha fears it will cause the wrack of the quay in the harbor.
2. Seaweed or kelp: Karl watched the people of the seaside village harvest wrack and sell it as a crop.

Once Maribel had some wrack pie, an experience she never wants to repeat.

wrack (RAK) (verb)
To ruin or to destroy completely: The loss of his livestock will wrack the farmer and he may have to sell his farm.

To stave off total wrack and ruin, the local people collected wrack to sell to the local dairy. In addition, they planned to design an artistic rack resembling the rack for cattle to be used to hold magazines.