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wound, wound
wound (WOOND) (noun)
1. An injury, especially one in which the skin or another external surface is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken: "The auto accident left a wound in Gregory's thigh that caused pain for several years."
2. A feeling of sadness, anger, etc., which is caused by something bad that has happened to a person: "The mother's scorn and criticism of her son, Walter, left a wound in him that never healed."
wound (WAUND) (verb)
1. To have wrapped, encircled, entwined around a center or another object once or repeatedly: "Pete wound the string around a spool."

"The seamstress wound the waist of the gown with lace and ribbons."

"The doctor wound Scott's injured leg with a bandage."

2. To have activated something; for example, a clock, by turning a key: "Laura wound the mantle clock every Saturday night."

The bandage was wound around the wound on Cheryl's leg.

wound, wound
The bandage was wound around the wound.
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(Greek > Latin: strike, stroke, blow, wound; beat the chest; lament loudly [while beating the chest]; pestilence)
(Greek: stroke, wound; used in medicine to denote "a condition resulting from a stroke")
(Latin: wound, wounding, woundable; from vulnus, "wound"; by extension: hurt; injure, injury; tear, gash; damage)
(Greek: fluid [distinct from blood] that flows through the veins of the gods; by extension, "watery part of blood or milk," used in the sense of "thin, serous or sanious fluid, especially from a wound or sore")
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traumatopyra, wound fever (s); traumatopyras, wound fevers (pl) (nouns)
An obsolete synonym of "traumatic fever" (an increase in bodily temperature following an injury).