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(Greek > Latin: worth, value)
(Latin: price, reward, prize, value, worth)
(posters worth considering)
(Latin words and phrases worth knowing)
(something that may not be golden, but is worth its weight in gold and which can't be misquoted)
(Latin: valere, to be strong, to be well, to be worth; strong; power, strength; and "fare well" [go with strength])
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Quotes Worth Your Time
All those skiers (downhill speedists)
Offer bright prospects to orthopedists.
—Robert Gordon

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: A person often finds the present tense and the past perfect.

I always take copious notes;
As a memory aid, I need ’em.
But they’d be more helpful later
If only I could read ’em.
—Paul Richards
In current news stories I’ve noticed a trend
That’s gaining increasing exposure;
Situations that formerly came to an end
Now have to be brought to closure.
—Mary Loper
Farewell, tooth fairy-sandman, too.
We leave without apology.
Grown up, we swap kid stuff like you
For channeling and astrology.
—Harold Emery
Thank you for calling.
All our computers are currently helping other customers.
May I transfer you to a person?
—Edward F. Dempsey

A black hole is a starcophagus.

—Harold Emery
Don't Over Do It

Abstinence merits
Our consideration,
Practiced, of course,
In moderation.
—Henry F. Hill
Contraction Reaction

I hope I do not live to see
The death of the apostrophe.
For readers all will suffer fits
In disentangling its from it's,
And they may also rave and rant,
Unable to tell cant from can't;
Not to mention how they feel
When they mix up well and we'll.
—Based on a news item that said, "Demise of the apostrophe predicted within 50 years."
by Majorie Loper
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