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worst, wurst
worst (WURST) (adjective)
1. Most inferior, as in quality, condition, or effect: "Heather said this is the worst film that she's ever seen."
2. Being furthest from an ideal or a standard; least desirable or satisfactory: "Well Gary, at worst, you won't lose your driver's license, but you will have to pay a fine."
wurst (WURST, WOORST) (noun)
A sausage made in Germany and Austria; especially, a large sausage intended to be sliced and eaten cold; sausage of any kind: "The most basic wurst consists of meat, cut into pieces or ground up, and filled into a casing; while the meat may be from any animal, it traditionally is pork, beef, or veal."

Worst comes to Wurst is a headline appearing on the cover of the Smithsonian magazine for January, 2010.

The article title says, "Wurst Case Scenario, as Germans turn to American-style supermarkets, the local butcher—a fixture in their sausage-happy culture—is packing it in" by Andrew D. Blechman, page 73.

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(Latin: bad, worst)
(a belief that teaches people to spend the best parts of their lives preparing to avoid the worst that could come after this life)