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lignicole (verb), lignicoles; lignicoled; lignicoling: wood
Living on wood as some plants are seen to exist.
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wood, would
wood (WOOD) (noun)
1. The hard substance that makes up the stems and branches of trees and shrubs: "Kim and her family always keep a supply of wood that is cut and ready for the fireplace."
2. An area of land covered with many trees: "Amanda's house is close to a wood area or forest."
would (WOOD) (verb)
1. Used to indicate what someone said or thought about what was going to happen or be done: "Timothy said he would help Gill with her report by typing some of it, too."
2. Used to express a wish: "Norma wishes Tammy would write more often."
3. Used to say that you are willing to do something: "Alice said that she would be more than happy to help you."

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

xylocole (verb), xylocoles; xylocoled; xylocoling: wood
Existing on or in wood.
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(Greek: wood, forest, substance, matter; material, materialism)
(Latin: wood)
(Latin: matter, stuff, wood, timber; of or belonging to matter)
(Greek: wood; the first element of various scientific and technical words that refer to wood)
(Latin: hard [as wood], lasting; thick, tough)
(Greek > Latin: wood sorrel; the leaves of the wood sorrel are acidic to the taste)
(Latin: Termes, a worm that eats wood, woodworm; literally, "the boring worm")
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palumbine: wood-pigeon, ring-dove
Belonging to the wood-pigeon or ring-dove.
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petrified wood (s) (noun), petrified woods (pl)
The hard fibrous substance that exists under the bark of trees: Petrified wood is the result of fossilization that preserves various pieces of timber as a rock or as pieces of stones.
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pyroxylocole (verb), pyroxylocoles; pyroxylocoled; pyroxylocoling: burned wood
Living and thriving on burnt wood.
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