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wander, wonder, wonder
wander (WAHN duhr) (verb)
To move around without a definite destination or purpose; to meander: "Sam could see the old woman wander back and forth several times on the same street long after midnight."
wonder (WUHN duhr) (noun)
Someone or something that arouses awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel: "Rita, Dawn, and Connie gazed with wonder at the northern lights."

"Lori thinks her old computer is still a technological wonder."

wonder (WUHN duhr) (verb)
To have a feeling of awe or admiration; to marvel: "Ashley couldn't help but wonder at the beautiful display of fireworks that were being used to introduce the new year."

It is a wonder to Carmen how some people can wander around in an art gallery all day and still wonder at all of the art works.

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(Greek: wonder, a wondrous thing; miracle, miraculous, magic; something to look at; sight, spectacle)