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one (WUHN) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of a single or of an individual unit: Adriana asked for one boiled egg for breakfast, not two!
2. Indicating something specifically or as the only choice: This was one glorious morning for going for a walk.

3. Regarding a united or a combination of two or more components: When the two elements were fused, the company created one new metal which was easy to use.
one (WUHN) (pronoun)
1. A member of a vaguely defined group or organization: Kevin was one of several hundred students enrolled at the college.
2. A third person pronoun used to indicate a person or type of thing when it is clear what is being referred to: Celeste is tired but she is one who does not wish to stop until the assignment is completed.

When Lenora met Joshua, her first thought was that he was the one for her.

won (WUHN) (verb)
1. To have succeeded in a contest: Thomas won the tennis match against his cousin.
2. To have obtained by effort or good luck: Rena's uncle was a gambler who won his fortune in card games.
3. To have succeeded through personal endeavor: Richard won his promotion by working hard and supporting his colleagues.

James won just one ticket to the movie.