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whither, wither, withers
whither (HWITH uhr, WITH uhr) (adverb)
To which specified place or position: "Whither are you going today, my lovely princess?."
wither (WITH uhr, WITH uhr) (verb)
1. When plants become dry and weak from a loss of moisture: "These tomato plants will wither and die if they don't get enough water."
2. Used figuratively to indicate a loss of hope or opportunity: "Wanda's hopes of going to Ireland this summer seem to wither with the passing of each week."
withers (WITH uhrz) (noun)
The ridge between the shoulder bones of a horse: "This horse seems to be very high, standing sixteen hands and measuring eighteen hands at the withers."

Kim asked Jim, whither shall we go before our hopes wither and we forget completely that we were going to go to the races? Well, Kim, let's go now because I want to see my favorite race horse which measures seven hands at the withers.

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wither (verb), withers; withered; withering
1. To shrivel; to fade; to decay: The grapes had withered on the vine.
2. To lose the freshness of youth, as from age: At the age of 30, Sam's youth had withered away.
3. To make flaccid, shrunken, or dry, as from loss of moisture; cause to lose freshness, bloom, vigor, etc.: Sharon is ashamed to admit that the lettuce withered in her refrigerator because she forgot to use it in time.
4. To abash, as with a scathing glance: Shana gave Josh a look that withered him.
5. Etymology: an alteration of Middle English wydderen, "dry up, shrivel" (c.1300), apparently a differentiated and special use of wederen, "to expose to weather".

There is an indication of a possible relationship with the German verwittern, "to become weather-beaten"; from Witter, "weather".

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The region defined by the dorsal portions of the spinous processes of the first two thoracic vertebrae and flanked by the dorsal (uppermost) portions of the scapulae.

To put it simply, it is the highest region of the back of a dog, or other animals, which exists at the base (back part) of the neck between the shoulder blades.

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back dropping through withers
A topline similar to a hollow back but affecting only the front section immediately behind the withers.
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