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(Latin: drying, dry; withered; arid)
(Greek > Latin: dried up, withered, mummy; the bony and some of the cartilaginous framework of the body of animals; including humans)
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wither (verb), withers; withered; withering
1. To shrivel; to fade; to decay: The grapes had withered on the vine.
2. To lose the freshness of youth, as from age: At the age of 30, Sam's youth had withered away.
3. To make flaccid, shrunken, or dry, as from loss of moisture; cause to lose freshness, bloom, vigor, etc.: Sharon is ashamed to admit that the lettuce withered in her refrigerator because she forgot to use it in time.
4. To abash, as with a scathing glance: Shana gave Josh a look that withered him.
5. Etymology: an alteration of Middle English wydderen, "dry up, shrivel" (c.1300), apparently a differentiated and special use of wederen, "to expose to weather".

There is an indication of a possible relationship with the German verwittern, "to become weather-beaten"; from Witter, "weather".

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