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(Latin: wing)
(Latin: armpit; angle; borrowed directly from Latin ala which meant both "wing" and "the hollow under a wing or an arm")
(Greek: bat, bats; flying mammals with wings: cheir, "hand" + pteron, "wing")
(Greek: moths, butterflies; a combination of lepido-, "flake" or "scale" and ptero, "wing")
(Latin: feather, feathers; by extension in some situations, wing, wings)
(Greek: fern [from pter[on], "feather, wing"])
(Greek: wing)
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delta wing (s) (noun), delta wings (pl)
A triangular, swept-back aircraft wing that provides speed and lift: A delta wing has a low aspect ratio, a sharply tapered leading edge, a straight trailing edge, and a pointed tip.
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eagle's wing spread
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