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wind, wind, wined
wind (WIND) (noun)
1. Moving air; especially, a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground: "There was so much wind that it blew our hats away!."
2. A movement of air generated artificially, as by a bellows or a fan: "Lori and Edna had the fan on to make some wind in their very hot and humid room."
wind (WIND) (verb)
1. To proceed on one's way with a curving or twisting course: "It was necessary for Phillip and James to quickly wind their way down the mountain before it got too dark."
2. To coil the spring of a mechanism by turning a stem or cord: "Wanda had to wind her old-fashioned watch every day or it would not keep time."
wined (WIGHN'd) (verb)
To celebrate an occasion that was provided with or entertained with wine: "For his special birthday, Brian wined and dined his guests."

While sailing on the weekend, there was a strong wind and Kevin and his crew had a problem trying to wind the sail; however, later they all wined and dined when the situation was much calmer.