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wench, winch, wince, wince
wench (WENCH) (noun)
A young woman; especially, a young woman who is a servant: "This story is about a wench who worked in the king's castle."
winch (WINCH) (noun)
A machine that has a rope or chain and that is used for pulling or lifting heavy things: "The truck must have a winch in order to tow this wreck."
wince (WINS) (verb)
To have an expression on one's face for a very short time which shows that that person is embarrassed or in pain: "Just about everyone will grimace or wince in pain if he or she hits his or her elbow or funny bone by accident."
wince (WINS) (noun)
An expression of pain or embarrassment: "The painful wince on Dan's face could be seen from the last row of the balcony."

The kitchen wench had to use the winch to lift the heavy pot from the fire. The contents splashed on her arm and caused her to wince.